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I have a set of round spoke, five spoke Invader wheels with tires on them that I might want to sell. The chrome isnt perfect, I guess about a 75 on a scale of 100. A little faded, some slight pitting, and normal wear for a 30 year old wheel. The welds all look great... no cracks. Not too bad from a few feet away tho. The rear is a 15x3 rim, the front is a 18x2. The rear tire is a Metzler ME88 Marathon 140/90-15 and its got plenty of tread left....about 1/4" or so. The front tire is a Dunlop Gold Seal F7 3.00S-18 and its got about half as much tread as the rear.. about 1/8" I guess. Neither tire has any cracks or dryrot. The rear Invader wheel looks like it takes some kind of threaded insert to retain the bearing in one side of it , the other side has an 8 hole flange on it.I do not have the threaded insert. I'm not sure what kind of brakes or sprocket would bolt up. The front one has two bearings inside, both accessed from the chrome side. The other side is unpolished with 5 holes in it.... maybe for a brake rotor, maybe an adapter, I dont know. It looks like it will take a 5/8" axle. These round spoke Invaders are a lot more rare than the square spoke kind, and are generally considered stronger too. These aren't showbike material unless you were to rechrome them but from a few feet back they still shine pretty nice. I have $500 into these including shipping. You can't even get one new Invader for that. These might not be exactly what you were looking for but with the right spacers and brake adapters they can be made to work on just about any chopper. I have great Ebay feedback with over 100 successful transactions. My Ebay ID is ezeerider1. Make me an offer I can't refuse. email me at:


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