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 Hell On Wheelz,Inc.
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Chopperz, Bobbers and Mutilated Motorcycles

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Welcome to Hell On Wheelz.Com

This site was last updated on 2-25-05.

I'd like this page to be a resource for information for people wanting to modify their own motorcycles and build choppers. I will document, in pictures and text, my attempts at building a motorcycle frame from scratch. I will also be making other smaller projects like stainless and aluminum oil tanks, forward controls, wide tire swingarms, handlebars, bitch bars, flamethrower systems, jackshafts, ribbed fenders and gas tanks, jockey shifters, and many others. You can watch me try oxy-acetylene, stick, mig and tig welding, fitting parts, bending tubing, coping tubing, making gussets, axle plates, motor mounts and various tabs and brackets. I may fuck up, thats ok, I'll document that too.

I have a forum where chopper builders and fabricators can exchange ideas and share their knowledge of metalworking and fabrication and high performance. I've got a links page for other resources and sites that pertain to tools, supplies, raw materials, forums, procedures, parts and techniques of metal fabrication and chopper building and high performance modifications. Theres also a very comprehensive motorcycle math page in the tech section to help get rid of the guesswork involved in building performance.

By the way, I'm known as Knucklehead Steve on the net. You can check out my introduction page if you like. I'm not an expert. I don't have a lot of spare time, my funds are limited, my shop is very small, and I am doin this while holding down a regular job, so updates may be slow in coming. I will occasionally add some pix of some of the cycle events I attend during the year, and I will have a page with an abreviated list of cycle events around the country.

I would welcome your submissions of tech and general fabrication articles and pictures. Thanks for checking out my site. I'd like your input, comments, pictures, threats, dirty jokes or whatever and I'd like to know what kind of information that you'd like to see here. if you want to contact me, you can email me at spinninwheelz@yahoo.com.


All text, diagrams,animations,artwork and photographs on this site are copyrighted by Hell On Wheelz, Inc. No reproduction will be allowed without prior consent. If you would like to use any of this information, contact me at spinninwheelz@yahoo.com