Hey... my name is Steve.
I've been riding many makes of bikes since 1970, starting with this little gem here.


I've owned Yamahas, Suzukis, Sears Allstates, Montgomery Ward Mojaves, HD Sprints, minibikes, a 1950 Panhead trike, a Honda 750, a Moto Guzzi 850T, a 1941 Knucklehead trike, a 1963 Sportster, a 1972 Sportster, a 1995 Super Vee and the 1981 Shovelhead that I bought new and am still riding today.


I've dissassembled, modified and fixed every bike I have owned, including building the two Sportsters from boxes of parts bought at swapmeets. I attended and passed all the prerequisite and Harley electives at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute including machine shop, high performance, snowmobile and jetski classes. After school I worked at a Harley dealership here in Md.


I have rode from upstate NY to Florida and everywhere in between on a 23 year old bike that I have personally rebuilt 3 times and repainted 5 times.

BFO Daytona

I am currently in the process of installing a Magnacharger supercharger on my 96 cubic inch shovelhead and I am adapting a 3.8 litre T-bird blower to work on my 94.7 cubic inch SuperVee.(If you are wondering what a SuperVee is, go to They are not being made anymore, they may be back in the future.)


My knucklehead trike runs MT 33x18.5x15 Sportman tires on American Torq Thrust mags running behind a jackshaft of my own design to accomodate the extreme gear ratios caused by the giant tires. Its got a 15" over springer, homebuilt Z-bars, jockey shift/suicide clutch and a homebuilt wooden pickup bed.


I have installed a gasoline injected flamethrower on my shovelhead that shoots 12 foot flames. I paint, weld, rebuild and polish and machine my own bikes. This isn't what I do for a living, I do residential remodelling, this is what I do for fun. I enjoy engineering, building and rebuilding bikes as much as I like to ride them.


I'm not involved in any organized clubs and I'm not real fond of riding with large groups. To me, motorcycling is a form of self expression and a personal pleasure. I have been a gearhead as long as I can remember, and I am not involved with bikes for any social reasons, although I have met some very talented and personable people in my journeys. This passtime is in my blood and an integral part of my life. I hope that some of you can derive the amount of joy and satisfaction that I have recieved by involvement with motorcycles. Sorry to get so longwinded, but as you can see, this is my favorite thing to talk about. Theres more pix on my page. I hope to meet some of you on the road someday. Keep the rubber side down.


The first tattoo I ever did...on my own arm.....told you it was in my blood.


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